Taqueria La Nueva Olathe Kansas City Food Truck
堪萨斯城快餐车 Taqueria La Nueva Olathe, Why Taqueria La Nueva you ask? ’cause we make the best tacos in town, that’s why! Taco Truck offering delicious street tacos Arandas, Jalisco style. 我们专门做玉米卷. Somos una Taqueria ofreciendo unos deliciosos tacos estilo Arandas, Jalisco. Taqueria La Nueva Olathe菜单包括[…]
堪萨斯城快餐车, 跑野外烧烤 is a family owned 烧烤 and catering food truck business that enjoys working together to bring you the best food and service in the Midwest. Our smokin’ hot 烧烤 will satisfy your craving and have you coming back for more. 我们走遍中西部去参加展览会 & […]
堪萨斯城快餐车, 万寿菊的 offers a diverse assortment of comfort food inspired by Mom’s home cooking. 鸡肉饼 , 油炸博洛尼亚滑块, 粉碎樱桃猪肉, 炖肉三明治, 韩国牛肉生菜卷, 巧克力蛋糕和酸樱桃冰淇淋. 万寿菊的 menu options include 炖肉三明治, 韩国牛肉生菜卷, Blackbean & 玉米[…]
堪萨斯城快餐车, Taco坦克 specializes in a unique approach to 墨西哥 street fare. Street-side, public events, private parties, catering and more!! 塔可坦克菜单选项包括塔可. Looking for the best food trucks in Kansas City? The 堪萨斯市食品卡车协会 is the source for all things food truck related, 从餐饮[…]
KC Deeya的堪萨斯城快餐车
堪萨斯城快餐车, KC Deeya的 provides a variety of fresh 墨西哥 entrees with a twist. 从Barbacoa, Sea Side Shrimp and our signature Roasted Red Chile chicken made in a variety of tacos, 墨西哥卷饼, 秋葵, mac & cheese and whatever else we are creating for the day! KC Deeya的 menu options include 炸玉米饼, Nachos, […]
堪萨斯城快餐车, 他的得分手GreenGo traveling kitchen serves restaurant favorites such as Iguana Dip & Street 炸玉米饼, and new dishes like Carne Asada Fries. Our menu is ever evolving to meet the needs of customers and we can create customized menus fit for any occasion. We cook with only the freshest ingredients and our […]
堪萨斯城最热门的移动食品卡车, 英雄的纽约烤盘, features an all 美国 menu with cultural twist! 目前在劳伦斯,每周3天. 也可用于私人预订! 英雄的纽约烤盘 menu includes 早餐, Burgers, Fries, Empanadas, Hotdogs. Looking for the best food trucks in Kansas City? 堪萨斯城美食[…]